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3 Crucial Considerations When Ordering Custom Hoodies

Custom hoodies are wildly popular, so make sure you’re staying on the right track towards finding your perfect match!

custom hoodies are a big part of what we do at Ares Sportswear!

Hoodies may seem like more of a fall and winter apparel choice, but they’re also very versatile on cooler summer nights by the beach and all throughout higher elevation areas. This is why it’s never a bad time to think about ordering custom hoodies, but of course it can be difficult to differentiate the dozens of brands and style options while navigating vast online marketplaces.

In this article we’re going to go over some tips to help you better understand what considerations go into finding that perfectly soft, stylish custom hoodie that will work great for your group/team or personal preferences!

1. Choosing the right kind of hoodie

Every hoodie is unique, so you’ll always need to consider certain factors like style, fabric and brand when finding your perfect custom hoodie choice.


The two main hoodie styles to choose from include a pullover or a full-zip. There are plenty of other options, but these are typically the two main choices. Pullover hoodies are warmer, whereas full-zips are considered to be more versatile and fashion-forward.


You’ll have a lot of different choices in terms of the fabric of your desired custom hoodies, including moisture-wicking polyester or a soft, classic cotton. There are also countless cotton/polyester blends, as well as the following:

  • Fleece
  • French Terry


There are obviously a ton of different hoodie brands out there so it wouldn’t make much sense to go over all of them, but our Sportie Hoodie is one of our best sellers that we highly recommend.

This hoodie is not only very soft and comfortable, but its design is also very bold and great for teams trying to make a statement with their apparel.

Here’s our latest video showcasing the Sportie Hoodie:

2. Printing on a hoodie

Hoodies are pretty versatile when it comes to printing methods and locations, but there are some considerations that you should be aware of. The general guidelines when it comes to printing on a hoodie is to keep it simple, but here are the other more intricate considerations to keep in mind:

Print areas

The typical print areas for hoodies include the following:

  • Full front (12”x10”)
  • Full sleeve (4”x14”)
  • On pocket (5”x13”)
  • Full back (12”x14”)
  • Side hood (6”x6”)
  • Lower back (12”x4”)
  • Left chest (4”x4”)
  • Shoulder sleeve (4”x4”)
  • Wrist (4”x3”)

Print methods

Some of the most common printing methods for hoodies include the following:

  • Screen printing
  • DTG
  • Heat transfer
  • Dye-sublimation
  • Embroidery

3. Knowing what size to order

Once you’ve figured out what type of hoodie you’d like and how exactly you’ll customize them, the next big consideration is size. A general rule of thumb is that your personal hoodie size will match the typical T-shirt size you wear, but there’s no doubt about it that there’s a lot of popularity in ordering larger sizes.

Oversized hoodies are a growing trend, and this is predominately because people really value their overall comfort and coziness. If you’re ordering hoodies for your own brand, then you may want to consider the general style of your target market; whereas if you’re ordering for a team/group then it’s typically best to ask for individual size preferences.

One big tip is to examine product specs to know if your desired custom hoodies are abiding by standard sizing measurements, and you can also always look through our pictures to better understand product styles and sizing too!

Standard vs. Fashion fit hoodies

A “fashion fit” hoodie typically differs from standard sizing by fitting tighter and being a little more flattering. Fashion fitted apparel is available with just about any article of clothing today, and hoodies are no exception. Many fashion fit hoodies will be a bit thinner in terms of material, and may have more intricate details.

But if a product doesn’t say anything about being either slim/retail/fashion fit, then it’s most likely a standard fit.

Here are brief descriptions to differentiate standard and fashion fit hoodies:

  • Standard: Roomy, longer, boxy, thicker fabric
  • Fashion: Tighter, shorter, contoured, thinner fabric

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