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Ares Sportswear’s New Badger Mask Program Is Here To Help Schools Be Safer For Re-Opening This Fall

All school districts are certainly going through precarious times, which is why it’s now more important than ever to ensure the safety of students this fall!

custom masks and face coverings are crucial for students this fall!

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly proven over the course of this summer that it’s simply not going away with warmer weather, and as we approach the fall semester it’s become blatantly apparent for school districts everywhere to take extra precautions for student safety.

Ares Sportswear is actively doing whatever it takes to combat coronavirus this fall through offering the biggest variety of custom masks and face coverings by any vendor in Central Ohio with 11 different customizable stock masks, and we’re very excited to announce our latest Badger Mask Program that’s oriented towards prioritizing the health of school districts and their students.

There’s no doubt about it that school districts everywhere are becoming increasingly concerned about the inevitably confusing parameters that will comprise a re-opening in the middle of the pandemic, which is exactly why we’ve done our due diligence in terms of making bulk orders for value-priced solid mask styles and premium customizable masks as simplified and as efficient as possible.

So here in this article we’ll go over the details of our new mask program by answering some of the common questions we’re sure you’ll have. And as always feel free to contact us online or call us at 800-439-8614 today to learn more about our mask program and how we can support you and your kids in being safer this fall!

What Are These Masks Made Out Of?

Our Badger Mask Program is offering custom, performance masks that are specifically designed for schools and students, and we’re confident that everyone is going to love how these masks look and feel!

The following are some of the features of these masks:

  • Performance Fabric: It’s crucial that we provide students with a comfortable fabric, because they’re likely to be wearing their mask in the classroom for long periods of time each day! This is why we’ve made sure that these masks oriented towards students will keep their facial area cool and dry, so wearing a mask during school hours isn’t distracting.
  • 3-Ply Protection: This essentially means that these masks will be as efficient as possible in terms of preventing the transmission of COVID-19 between students. This coincides with CDC guidelines, and ensures the functionality we all need for peace of mind while our kids are at school!
  • Durable Construction: It’s absolutely necessary for students’ masks to last a long time, which is why we’ve ensured the longevity of our masks that can be washed again and again.
  • Anti-Chafe: A major concern in terms of wearing masks that we’ve all seen permeating throughout this summer is the notion that they’re uncomfortable, so we’ve made sure that we’re using a soft, stretchable fabric to go around a student’s ears. This fabric will securely hold the mask in place while not causing any kind of unwanted abrasion.

Do The Masks Come In Different Sizes?

Absolutely! The Badger Mask Program’s masks come in 4 different sizes, so no matter what age/grade there will be a proper size for every student!

Check out the following graphic for more information about the sizing guide:

Are These Masks Customizable?

Yes! We’re very excited to offer students with customizable masks oriented around spirit wear this fall, and we are strong advocates that showing some school spirit via masks can be a great boost of morale!

What’s great about customizing these student masks is that it’s a seamless process that’s very easy for bulk orders of large groups of students and faculty members!

Here’s a quick glimpse into the 4 easy steps of the customization process:

1. Find Your School

One of the coolest parts of our Badger Mask Program is that it will actually locate your school for you, so all you’ll need to do is type in your school’s name and customized logo designs will show up!

2. Customize

This is the portion where you can choose which type(s) of design work you’d like to utilize based upon your school colors and logos. You’ll have several options to choose from, and we’ll always be able to help you out if you have any questions or would like any changes to your school’s art choices!

3. Enter Number Of Students

This option is great for school district administrators that want to purchase masks for all of their students, and all you’d need to do in this scenario is type in how many students you have within each grade. We’ll be able to do the rest from there in terms of allocating proper sizing!

Of course this part of the customization process is also important for smaller orders as well!

4. We’ll Recommend The Proper Sizes

The software will automatically decipher the proper mask sizes/quantity depending upon the data you enter in part three of the customization process!

Reach Out To The Ares Sportswear Experts For More Information About Our Badger Mask Program!

We understand how both faculty members and students alike are concerned about how the fall semester will pan itself out in the midst of the pandemic, and we also understand that many school district administrators are concerned about how to make mask wearing convenient and affordable for everyone.

Ares Sportswear’s new Badger Mask Program is here to support students as they return back to school, and make parents feel safer about getting back into our normal daily routines. We’re confident that we can help keep students safe this fall, which is of course everyone’s first and foremost concern!

So reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 today to learn more about how our Badger Mask Program can assist in helping your children, or even your entire school district, be much more prepared to reduce the risks of viral dispersion this fall!

Thank You Very Much!

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