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5 Ways School Shirts And Spirit Wear Can Develop School Culture

Spirit wear has many different benefits for schools, and here are 5 ways that spirit wear can improve your school’s culture!

spiritwear is something all schools need to fund via community partnerships
Spirit wear throughout schools has always been known to generate a sense of comradery amongst both student bodies and faculty teams, and in general spirit wear is always a great investment when it comes to developing a school’s overall culture and unity. These days student atmosphere is more important than ever before, and we understand how school administrators and PTO boards are currently looking for new and improved ways to bolster a sense of pride within their districts. ARES Sportswear has been on the cutting edge of the custom apparel industry for many years, and throughout our company’s history we’ve become one of the leaders in custom spirit wear throughout Ohio’s school districts and even across the entire country. We know that spirit wear should generally reflect the culture and values found within your school, and our experts will always go above and beyond expectations when it comes to fulfilling client satisfaction. So here on this page we’re going to go over 5 really important considerations that schools should keep in mind when it comes to how spirit wear can have a profoundly positive impact on your students, faculty members and the entirety of your school’s culture!

1. Spirit Wear Has Been Known To Help Decrease Bullying

The truth of the matter is that some school spirit wear simply isn’t that great looking, and you can take it from our experts that we see countless school spirit wear designs that were clearly rushed or won’t necessarily be worn by students. So it’s always important to know that creating school unity via spirit wear investments will typically mean developing apparel that students and faculty actually like to wear! The general philosophy behind how spirit wear decreases bullying is very similar to how school uniforms decrease bullying as well, because when students feel as though they belong there is a generally less likelihood of students feeling competitive against each other. Bullies will subsequently be less likely to assert themselves towards their victims, and their victims will also feel as though they’re a part of a supportive student community. So in the end a high-quality spirit wear campaign can actually do wonders when it comes to decreasing bullying and cultivating more inclusive communities within schools. The ARES Sportswear experts know what kids like to wear on a variety of occasions and weather scenarios, and our design team leads the industry in developing enjoyable custom spirit wear for students. We understand how much student opinions truly matter when it comes to developing spirit wear, and how listening to students can always go a long way culturally.

2. Increasing Attendance Within Extracurricular Activities

It’s been known that students involved in extracurricular activities also perform better in the classroom, and extracurricular involvement is many times dictated via custom spirit wear apparel. This typically varies and has a lot do with certain school groups like sports teams, student theatre groups, marching bands and other clubs like student government, etc. There’s generally an incredible sense of belonging and an overall boost in morale that students experience when they’re able to wear spirit wear apparel that showcases their interests and their extracurricular involvement. This boost in morale will more than likely persuade more students to want to join student groups and teams, which creates a cyclical effect towards positive school community growth. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to spirit wear is a student’s sense of belonging during large events like pep rallies, which spirit wear undoubtedly has a profound effect upon. Another great effect of spirit wear on student communities is the fact that students will literally carry their sense of belonging with them on their sleeves throughout weekends and when school is out. This can help students feel as though it’s ok to say no to unhealthy scenarios without feeling as if they’d be ostracized for doing so.

3. Boosting School Representation

Students on the same athletic teams, theater kids and club members of all types will always spend a lot of time together as they develop their crafts and overall passions. All of these groups will inevitably leave your campus and represent your school throughout your local community, and although many people get fearful in this type of situation and think about what could go wrong while students represent schools, this type of fear mongering is not what you should be listening to! The truth is that the vast majority of students who actually enjoy wearing their school’s spirit wear during their free time will actually spread positivity while out and about within your broader community. What you should consider is how your town/city will see your students wearing their spirit wear, and then subsequently recognize just how special they are as individuals. The positive spread of your school’s reputation is undoubtedly very valuable, and it will be noticed by other parents, youngsters and those in other school districts!

4. Improving Safety On Field Trips

It doesn’t matter how old the students are, custom school spirit wear will always go a very long way when it comes to simply keeping track of your group while on field trips away from campus. Having matching student shirts is extremely helpful for not just teachers and field trip supervisors, but also students when it comes letting dodgy strangers know that they should generally back off. After all when about 200+ students are all wearing the same shirts, it’s a pretty intimidating force for anyone to deal with! Students will also feel their sense of community while representing your school on field trips, and safety is of course always a major concern in these types of scenarios.

5. Bringing School Spirit Days To The Next Level!

Your school’s pride should generally never diminish throughout each semester, which is why most schools conduct Spirit Days on a regular basis. Some schools even make every Friday a Spirit Day, and others do these types of events on a monthly basis. But no matter what your school’s frequency is of Spirit Days, it’s important to provide a good selection of shirts and custom apparel for students to choose from to make these types of days more fun! Spirit Days will always go a long way when it comes to boosting school community morale, and the following are some other days/events that custom t-shirts are useful in boosting your school’s overall spirit:
  • Field Day
  • Homeroom pride
  • Standardized test days
  • Camps
  • Constructive student competitions
  • Senior/Grade Pride
  • Opening night for student plays
  • And a lot more!

Reach Out To The Experts At ARES Sportswear For More Information About How We Can Support Your School’s Spirit Wear Initiatives!

Spirit wear is always a great investment for school administrations to continuously be thinking about, and this is mainly because spirit wear provides a whole array of both acquired and intrinsic benefits for students, parents, faculty members, and an entire school community. Developing your school’s culture can be a lot easier said than done, but a great spirit wear campaign lead by the industry experts at ARES Sportswear can make these types of cultural improvements a lot easier. So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 today to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can support your school when it comes to developing a spirit wear apparel line that everyone truly loves!

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