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Popular Spirit Wear And Custom Apparel For Lacrosse Teams

It’s that time of year again for lacrosse teams to start thinking about next season’s custom apparel and spirit wear options!

lacrosse custom apparel and spirit wear is popular within ARES Sportswear's online store this time of year

Lacrosse players require custom apparel, uniforms and spirit wear that’s just as tough as they are, and lacrosse teams and league administrators can always have a lot of fun customizing jerseys, shorts, pinnies, pullovers and so much more throughout the ARES Sportswear website.

We offer custom apparel for both men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, and some of our most popular brands include Under Armour, Jerzees, Holloway, Augusta, Gildan, Champion, Next Level and many others.

We’ve made sure to make our design interface as seamless and as convenient as possible, so it truly has never been easier to add your team’s logo/design along with player numbers/names within your jerseys and custom apparel options. You can also always count on our team of custom apparel and graphic design specialists to help you throughout every step of this process, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your team’s custom apparel is 100% perfect and coincides exactly with your specifications!

There truly are countless different custom apparel and spirit wear options available for our lacrosse teams, and below we’ll be going over some of the most popular options within our site:

Boys Lacrosse

Boys lacrosse has undoubtedly become one of the most popular spring sports throughout Central Ohio, and even the entire country. Lacrosse brings athletes together in such a unique way, because each team has a good amount of players that all get plenty of minutes through non-stop, hustling action.

Lacrosse truly is a unique blend of other sports like soccer and hockey, and it makes sense why more and more young athletes are choosing lacrosse in recent years!

Below are some of the most popular custom apparel and spirit wear options for our boys lacrosse teams:

The Gildan Dryblend Tee $5.74 ea.*

What’s great about this t-shirt is that it’s made for athletic performance, so lacrosse players can wear this type of shirt during light workouts and training sessions and know that their sweat will be properly wicked.

But this shirt also has a great amount of comfort to it, which makes it a popular spirit wear option for both athletes and fans who want to support their team.

And when you factor in the low price before customization, it’s no wonder that countless lacrosse teams love this Gildan tee!

The ARES Super Soft Sportie Hoodie $17.99 ea.*

ARES Sportswear’s very own super soft sportie hoodie is popular for many different reasons, but it really comes down to a great mix of quality, aesthetics and affordability.

With the super soft sportie hoodie, you can know that you’re getting an unbeatable hoodie deal that you simply can’t find anywhere else; AND that you’ll be able to find a color design that perfectly matches your team’s logo and jersey colors!

Jerzees Sweatpant $13.49 ea.*

This sweatpant option is great for lacrosse teams that want to have a rather comprehensive custom apparel campaign, but also may have somewhat limited funds.

When you choose this sweatpant, you can rest easy knowing that every player will have a stylish pair of sweatpants to wear off the field without costing too much for parents!

Under Armour Long Sleeve Locker 2.0 Tee $22.99 ea.*

Under Armour is famous for their moisture-wicking apparel material, and this long sleeve just so happens to be a great workout shirt for any lacrosse player.

What’s also great about this long sleeve tee is that it provides a wide chest design display that looks great with any team’s logo!

Under Armour Raid Short w/Pockets $23.99 ea.*

Every lacrosse team needs custom shorts to wear during games and at practice, and these Under Armour shorts are some of the very best in the entire lacrosse custom apparel industry.

Under Armour always does a great job with everything, and these shorts that are specifically oriented towards boys lacrosse teams are absolutely no exception!

Some of our other popular lacrosse custom apparel options include the following:

Girls Lacrosse

As much as boys lacrosse has grown in popularity in recent years, girls lacrosse has grown equally if not more in popularity. Middle School and High School girls lacrosse teams are sprouting up all throughout Ohio and the entire country, and club lacrosse leagues for ladies are also gaining traction everywhere as well.

The following are some of our most popular girls lacrosse custom apparel and spirit wear options:

Jerzees Nublend Crewneck Sweatshirt $11.99 ea.*

What’s great about this crewneck sweatshirt is that it looks great, and also provides a really fun, bold design option. These designs tend to look great on all lacrosse players, and this is a great option for ladies lacrosse players when they’re off the field.

Charles River Pack-N-Go Pullover $31.49 ea.*

Pullover jackets have always been popular throughout the lacrosse world, and this Charles River option definitely combines everything that ladies lacrosse players need as a custom apparel option.

This pullover provides a great combination of both breathability and comfort, which makes it a great option for practices and just hanging out after playing.

Under Armour Hustle Fleece Pants $32.99 ea.*

Although lacrosse players typically won’t wear fleece pants during a game, they’re definitely going to need sweatpants during/after practices and training sessions.

Lacrosse training typically begins during some of the coldest months of the year, so having your team ready for these initial training sessions with a comfy and athletic fleece pant can always go a long way in keeping players warm while getting ready for the warmer months of the season.

Under Armour Ladies Team Fly By Short $17.99 ea.*

This lacrosse short is oriented towards girls and is a great option for any team. It provides a lot of comfort, while also being very breathable and allowing for the necessary range of motion that lacrosse requires.

These shorts can match any team’s logo/aesthetics, and the price truly can’t be beat as compared to countless other lacrosse shorts options!

Augusta Attain Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve Tee $8.49 ea.*

This long sleeve tee is great for lacrosse teams because its moisture-wicking and does a great job at keeping players warm while working out and sweating.

What’s also great about this long sleeve tee is that there are many different color options available that can match any team’s aesthetics.

This is a great long sleeve for lacrosse players as they’re training in the early season and need to stay warm, while at the same time not over heating!

Some of the other popular custom apparel options within our girls lacrosse page include:

Reach Out To The Custom Apparel And Spirit Wear Experts At ARES Sportswear To Learn More About How We Can Support Your Lacrosse Team!

ARES Sportswear has been around since the emergence of lacrosse as a popular youth sport, so we’ve seen firsthand just how quickly the sport has grown and developed.

We’re always here to help answer any of your questions or concerns about our custom lacrosse apparel and spirit wear options, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can help you and your lacrosse team get ready for the upcoming season! 

*Pricing is before adding art or decorations

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