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Our Popular Spirit Wear And Custom Apparel For Football Teams

Next fall’s football season will be here sooner than you know it, so now is a great time to snag a deal on spirit wear and custom apparel from ARES!

football custom apparel and spirit wear from ARES Sportswear

Although Summer Break just started, this is an important time of the year for football teams all throughout the country. Whether you’re involved with a high school, middle school or pee wee team, the ARES Sportswear custom apparel and spirit wear specialists are here to help you get ready for next season!

Summer training camps will be quickly approaching, and before you know it your football team will be preparing for your first big game of the season. Although this may seem like a long way off right now, the summer months are the best time to prepare your new custom apparel and uniform designs.

Why wait until the last minute to ensure that your team will be looking great for the upcoming season? Below we’ll be providing a comprehensive overview into some of our most popular football apparel options that you should know about!

Our Football Uniforms

A lot of people have a general misconception about football uniforms, and this is partly because many people forget that football players need multiple uniforms for practices and training sessions beyond game days. What’s great about shopping for your football team’s apparel needs through ARES Sportswear is that you’re guaranteed to get the best combination of quality and affordability.

Our football uniform inventory is vast, and the following are some uniform products to keep in mind for this summer and into next season:

August Sportswear Youth Scrimmage Vest, $5.49 ea.*

This is a classic take on a football scrimmage uniform, and what’s great about this practice shirt is that it’s breathable for hot training camp days and is affordable for necessary numbering and design layouts.

With six different color options available, every team can find a scrimmage vest that works best for them and their squad!

Badger B-Core 7-Inch Short, $8.49 ea.*

This is a popular short option to go along with the above scrimmage vest from Augusta Sportswear, and these are a great option for football practices because of their durability and moisture-wicking capabilities. With 17 color options and an affordable cost, you’ll be able to provide your players with multiple options to ensure that they’ve got a few extra pairs once they start getting muddy on a daily basis!

Alleson Football Jersey, $24.99 ea.*

This popular football jersey is for official games, and it’s a great material that stretches perfectly with pads. It also is durable and will provide enough protection for each play as your players force big blocks and tackles. You can also consider pairing this jersey up with the Alleson Adult Icon Integrated Football Pants for an affordable, functional jersey combination!

Some of the other popular football jersey options that you should keep in mind for next season include the following:

Our Football Warm-Ups & Jackets

Every football team needs to have high-quality custom apparel options while they’re out of training or games, and ARES Sportswear has you covered when it comes to great warm-up and jacket options!

Some of our most popular football warm-ups and jackets include:

Jerzees NuBlend Joggers, $14.49 ea.*

Jogger pants are popular for every athletic team, and football players are also highly interested in these types of athleisure pants. What’s great about jogger pants is that your players will be able to run and train in them, and they’ll want to rep your team in their free time by wearing this comfy pant option!

Jerzees NuBlend Hooded Sweatshirt, $15.99 ea.*

Every football player likes wearing a hoodie, just like all youth athletes! What’s great about this hoodie option is that it’s comfy and affordable. It also comes in dozens of color options, so your team colors are definitely accounted for!

ARES Sportie Hoodie, $17.99 ea.*

ARES Sportswear’s very own sportie hoodie has become wildly popular amongst countless youth sports programs, and this classic design just so happens to work great for football teams. We’ve made sure that you can’t get a better deal anywhere else in terms of the overall quality of this hoodie option, so it truly is an unbeatable value!

Some other popular warm-up and jacket options for football teams include the following:

Reach Out To The Custom Apparel And Spirit Wear Specialists At ARES Sportswear To Get Your Football Team Ready For Training Camp And Next Season!

ARES Sportswear has supported countless football programs throughout our 30 years as a company, so we’ve seen just how far football apparel has come in recent years. We remain committed to staying on the cutting edge of football apparel options, and our online inventory is ripe for the picking.

Don’t wait until every other team is making their orders for next season. Contact us online to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can get your football program ready for summer camp and next season with high-quality spirit wear and custom apparel!

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