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What Is A Team Store?

Learn more about how ARES Sportswear can support you and your athletic program through our comprehensive team store options!



One of the best parts about working with the custom apparel specialists at ARES Sportswear is gaining access to our many different featured team store options.

A team store is an online platform that helps you sell your team uniforms and personalized team apparel directly to your team members. Our team store services make the entire process of designing and selling custom team apparel as streamlined as possible. Once your team store is created, you’ll simply send out the URL link to parents, team members and employees for their shopping needs.

We understand how difficult it can be for coaches, parents and athletic program directors to coordinate custom apparel orders for any sized team, which is why we’ve ensured that our team store interface is hassle-free. Our design team will help you through every step of your customization process, and then you’ll be able to sell high-quality sportswear at affordable prices through our online platforms.

And the best part about getting a team store through ARES is that it’s absolutely FREE and doesn’t require any kind of technical background!

Below we’ll be going over some the details that you should know about when it comes to our team stores:

Our Simplified Set-Up Process Will Efficiently Get Your Store Prepped And Ready!


We understand how you may be interested in a team store, but don’t want to go through the hassles of establishing a website and making sure that it’s professionally designed and functional. That’s exactly why we’ve gone above and beyond to make your team store set-up process as easy as possible.

Our simplified set-up process entails the following:

  • Quick Set-Up: You’ll literally be able to develop your FREE online team store in a matter of minutes, because we provide a whole array of popular templates that we’ll discuss in detail below.
  • Easy Customization: You’ll then be able to navigate through our online inventory and select the specific custom team apparel options that you want in your store. You’ll be able to utilize our easy-to-use design interface, and our design team will be there for you if you ever need any assistance or have questions.
  • Simple Buying Experience: Creating your team store is all you’ll end up needing to do, because ARES manages your team store account for you. This makes the buying process professional and easy for your parents and athletes; and if there’s ever anything that needs to be changed, just let us know and our team will get on it!

Our Most Popular Team Stores


It’s important to note that ARES Sportswear doesn’t just provide team stores for youth sports programs, because we also provide corporate stores that are oriented around providing business teams with customized business apparel as well!

The following are some of our most popular team store templates that get sports programs on the right track towards a successful online sportswear platform:

  • The Track Store & More! (track & field)
  • Tennis Store
  • Home Run Store (baseball)
  • Cheer Store & More
  • Lacrosse Store
  • The Swish Store (basketball)
  • The Takedown Store (wrestling)
  • The Reliable Store (all sports)
  • The Football Store
  • The Splash Store (swimming)
  • Fast Pitch Store (softball)
  • The Move Store (dance)
  • The Slapshot Store (hockey)
  • The Corner Kick Store (soccer)
  • Bump and Spike Store (volleyball)
  • The Stick Store (field hockey)
  • The Holiday Store
  • The Under Armour Online Team Store
  • Handspring Store (gymnastics)
  • Golf Store
  • Forward March Store (marching band)

With ARES Your Team Store Gets An Advantage, Here’s How It Works:


Choose One Of Our Templates

  • Our online store templates are specifically designed for unique athletic teams, special occasions and business programs. Once you’ve chosen a template that you like, one of our team members will initiate your customization process so your team colors and logo designs are quickly uploaded.

Browse Through Top Brands With Your Designs

  • Our custom design software makes the design process easy as you’re planning out your team uniforms, spirit wear and team gear.
  • You’ll create customized team uniforms that features your team colors and logo.
  • We’ll help you get your athletes ready to show team spirit on and off the field with a whole array of t-shirts, warm-ups, jackets and other apparel items to design.

Easy Management From ARES

  • Once your team store is designed and prepped, you can sit back and relax because the ARES experts will manage your store’s inventory, fulfill your orders, ship products directly to your team members, provide all the necessary customer service to ensure full satisfaction, and host your online team store.
  • Once you send out your store’s URL link to your team, we’ll handle the rest for you.

Welcome Your Gear!

  • We deliver each and every one of your team store’s orders directly to the doorsteps of your members, so your team can quickly and efficiently be ready to go for practice sessions and games next season!

Ready To Get Started With Your Team Store? Reach Out To The ARES Sportswear Specialists Today!


ARES Sportswear has supported countless athletic teams through our comprehensive online team stores, and we’ll be more than happy to set you up with a team store for FREE!

Reach out to us online and provide us with your team store details to get the ball rolling on a successful online apparel platform that puts you and your athletes first!

Thank You Very Much!

You’re all signed up, stay tuned for the latest news and updates from the Ares Team