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A Look Into Our Most Popular Marching Band Custom Apparel Products

Next school year is just around the corner, so here’s how our custom apparel can help get your team’s marching band ready for the upcoming fall season!

marching band custom apparel from ARES Sportswear

Although we support countless different athletic programs like football and basketball teams across the country, a lot of people don’t realize that ARES Sportswear also supports well over 100 different school marching band programs every year!

Now that it’s officially back-to-school season, it’s time for school administrators and band directors to start thinking about their marching band custom apparel, uniforms and spirit wear products. We’ve helped countless parent volunteers and band directors when it comes to designing and developing high-quality custom embroidery and screen printing for band apparel.

Next football season is just around the corner, so below are some of our most popular marching band products that you should keep in mind this fall!

Marching Band Outerwear

Your band’s outerwear options are incredibly important, because you’re going to need to guarantee that everyone is protected from the elements and feels comfortable as they’re going through their outdoor performances. Looking awesome doesn’t hurt either when it’s cold outside!

Below are some of the marching band outerwear options that are very popular:

Marching Band Polos

There of course are going to be plenty of beautiful Friday evenings as your band performs during the big games this fall, and this type of weather will still require your band to look and feel great.

ARES Sportswear has always had an incredible selection of high-quality polo shirts, and the following options are great for any marching band’s needs:

Marching Band Bags

One thing that’s a given about every marching band is that everyone is going to have a lot of uniquely-shaped gear, and this is because people are going to have instrument cases and maintenance gear to ensure that their personal sound is ready for a great performance.

Marching band members simply need storage to keep all of their things organized for practices, and home/away games, and customization is absolutely necessary when dozens of people have the same type of bag! ARES Sportswear has you covered with the following customizable marching band bags:

Marching Band Hoodies

Every teenager these days loves the style and coziness associated with hoodies, and every marching band should have at least one hoodie for members to wear so they can rep their band spirit on and off the field!

ARES just so happens to carry a whole array of high-quality hoodies, and some of our most popular hoodie options include the following:

Marching Band Tees

What’s great about the marching band tees from ARES Sportswear is that they’re anything but basic! Our design specialists will help you to fully customize your marching band’s t-shirts with your school’s logo, motto and other unique specifications that’ll help your band stand out amongst the crowd.

Some of our most popular marching band tees include:

Reach Out To ARES Sportswear To Get Your Band Prepped And Ready For This Fall With Our High-Quality Marching Band Custom Apparel!

ARES Sportswear has been in the marching band apparel industry for decades, so we know exactly what every band needs to have a successful school year from homecoming night all the way to graduation day.

Reach out to us online to get in touch with our custom apparel specialists and learn more about how we can set your marching band up for a great school year this fall!

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