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Understanding The Differences Between Water-Resistant And Waterproof Jackets

It’s important for athletes and coaches to know the differences between water-resistant and waterproof jackets!

water-resistant jackets and waterproof jackets are big parts of ARES Sportswear's custom apparel inventory

ARES Sportswear is really proud of our vast selection of different jackets and outerwear, and we know that all of our athletes, coaches, parents and business teams need functional clothing that can handle all sorts of different elements like wind and rain.

One of the main questions that we receive on a regular basis is what differentiates water-resistant and waterproof jackets, and answering this question is actually a lot more complicated than most people would probably assume!

Water-resistant fabrics are developed to repel water, but these materials are many times not impenetrable in terms of protecting an individual’s body from outside moisture. Waterproof jackets are impenetrable against outside moisture, and there are many benefits associated with both waterproof and water-resistant jackets.

Choosing the correct jackets for your team will largely depend upon many different factors, including what type of training you’ll be using your jackets for and the climate you’re competing in.

So keep reading on to learn more about the differences between water-resistant and waterproof custom apparel!

Water-Resistant Jackets

Water-resistant jackets are typically made from a porous fabric that’s thoroughly covered with a durable water resistant (DWR) coating. The DWR coating on these jackets will be the layer that effectively repels moisture.

Water-resistant apparel is very functional when you’re practicing or training in light rain and windy conditions, and this is because the water droplets will ball up and run off the jacket as opposed to being absorbed. It’s safe to say that this type of rain protection isn’t quite as comprehensive as with waterproof jackets, but water-resistant jackets are usually more lightweight, breathable and affordable.

Some of our most popular water-resistant jackets include:

Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof jackets are mainly made with completely non-porous materials like plastic or rubber, and these days waterproof jackets are becoming more breathable as well. A lot of waterproof materials will have several synthetic layers that also feature a DWR coating.

Nearly 100% waterproof jackets really are a testament to the latest advancements in fabric technology, and these jackets are great for athletic teams and coaches that frequently train or play games in wet weather.

It’s also important to note that waterproof apparel features much more than just high-tech fabric, because you’ll also get welded or taped seams. These seams are extremely durable and will prevent any kind of leaking at weaker points in the jacket.

Some of our most popular waterproof jackets include:

Which Type Of Jacket Makes Sense For Your Team?

If your athletic team is going to inevitably be spending a lot of time outdoors during rainy weather, then it’s probably best that you collectively invest in waterproof jackets. All athletes that train in harsh weather will benefit a great deal from wearing fully waterproof apparel, and the same goes for other outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and campers that are likely to get caught in rainstorms.

If your team only works out and trains in misty or light rain conditions on an occasional basis, then our vast supply of water-resistant jackets could be all you’ll need. There’s no doubt about it that water-resistant jackets still do a great job at keeping athletes comfortable and dry during rain, but they just aren’t quite as effective as fully waterproof fabrics.

So both water-resistant and waterproof jackets are highly functional for athletic performance, and both options work well as a shell layer on top of a hoodie when it’s snowing or very cold out.

Functionality And Quality Are Key Factors When Shopping For Water-Resistant And Waterproof Jackets

It’s inevitable that high-quality manufacturing will make a significant difference no matter which type of jacket your team chooses, and the good news is that the ARES Sportswear specialists are always here to answer your questions and help you better understand which jackets will best suit your team’s unique needs.

We’ve supported countless school and club teams with high-quality jackets that help them successfully face rainy elements, so we know very well which options are best for specific climates and sports.

So contact us online to get in touch with us today and ask our experts about our vast selection of water-resistant and waterproof jackets!

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