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Step-By-Step Tips For Perfect Custom Apparel Orders!

Although every custom apparel order is unique, every order needs to keep the following considerations in mind!

Holiday Custom Apparel

When it comes to ordering custom apparel for your athletic teams, school or business, it’s important for you to first and foremost be honest with yourself in that it’s going to be difficult to navigate through literally hundreds of different brands, apparel types and design options.

The good news is that the ARES Sportswear team is here to support you with these types of difficult decisions while you’re in the process of perfecting your next apparel orders, and we’ll always be sure to help you get the very best with your unique budget.

This blog is oriented around a few very important considerations that every custom apparel order needs to take seriously, and perfecting these considerations will make your order process A LOT easier! Because when it comes down to it, every custom apparel order needs to keep the following in mind:

  • The people wearing the apparel
  • The apparel’s material
  • The custom design

Does Your Custom Apparel Order Require Men’s, Women’s Or Unisex Options?

The first thing you should know when it comes to different sizes based upon gender is that men’s or youth boys apparel will more than likely be designed with a unisex fit that works well for both men and women. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of schools, club sports programs and businesses will design their team’s apparel with unisex options.

The main reason why you’d need a women’s fit for your next apparel order is if you are 100% certain that your order is going to be exclusively worn by women, which of course may be situation you find yourself in! There are certain types of athletic apparel that are specifically designed for women, including crop-tops, tank-tops, v-necks, polos, or any other apparel that provides a slim fit.

Although unisex apparel is a great option for a lot of different custom apparel orders for larger groups on a budget, it’s also a good idea to provide women’s options when you know there will be the demand for it as well!

What Material Is Best For Your Order?

Although it may seem like you’ll have a limitless amount of material options to choose from for your next custom apparel order, the truth is that the vast majority of the industry is categorized between three distinct material groups: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or a blended mix between cotton, polyester and other synthetic materials. There of course are other factors to keep in mind like special treatments for waterproofing, moisture-wicking capabilities and insulation as well.

But the most important factor you should keep in mind when it comes to apparel material is what the apparel is being used for. For instance, polyester is very different from cotton when it comes to moisture-resistance, which helps athletes stay cooler and dry when they’re working out and training. Although 100% cotton clothing isn’t a bad option for working out, it doesn’t provide quite the same advantages as 100% polyester apparel.

However, if you’re looking for apparel that your athletes can wear on leisure days, 100% cotton is always a great option. And when you need that moisture-wicking advantage for whatever purposes, 100% polyester and synthetically-blended materials are for you!

What Should You Do About Your Logo Or Custom Design?

This really important question is where the ARES team truly shines, because our design team is one of the best in the entire industry. We understand how each team and brand wants to express themselves in unique ways, and that it’s not always the easiest process to get absolutely perfect without professional assistance!

Some teams may want a big design that stretches across the front of a shirt or hoodie, and others may want a discrete design like a left-chest print that subtly draws in people’s attention through a more professional look. It truly is all up to you when it comes to how you want your design to end up, and our experts will provide several options for you to preview so you can have a good understanding as to how exactly certain aesthetics will end up when they’re finalized.

The main thing you should keep in mind during this part of the ordering process is how and where you want your designs displayed on your custom apparel, and our team will be ready to get the ball rolling when you feel like you’re ready to make a choice!

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ARES Sportswear has supported schools, athletic programs and businesses all throughout the United States over the past 30 years, so we’re prepped and ready to help you make the most of your next orders. We know how intricate the details can get when you’re trying to choose between custom designs and materials while remaining within your set budget, and you can always count on our team to help you get the very best combination of both quality and affordability!

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