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What Exactly Is A Hard Shell Jacket?

ARES Sportswear offers a wide range of high-quality hard shell jackets to support athletes and coaches when weather gets tough!

hard-shell-water-resistant jackets and waterproof jackets are big parts of ARES Sportswear's custom apparel inventory

It’s understandable how coaches and athletes want at least a couple of durable jackets to wear during the cooler months of the year, and every team is going to need to keep their athletes as dry as possible when it rains.

Inclement weather is exactly when hard shell jackets come in handy, which is why we’re going to provide you with the scoop on everything you need to know about these very durable, high-quality jackets within our online inventory!

What Exactly Is A Hard Shell Jacket?

Hard shell jackets are any outerwear jacket that’s windproof and waterproof, and these jackets are mainly designed to keep people warm and dry in rain and snowstorms.

Hard shell jackets are made from a wide variety of different tech-savvy materials, including silnylon, polyester, PVC and all sorts of other synthetic materials. Here at ARES Sportswear, we make sure to provide our clients with the most state-of-the-art waterproofing materials because we know just how important it is to stay warm when the weather gets tough!

Our hard shell jackets are specifically designed to provide a weatherproof barrier that keeps the wearer dry and warm no matter how wet it gets outside, and most hard shell jackets will also come with cutting-edge hoods that also feature waterproof and windproof materials.

Hard shell jackets are undoubtedly the most versatile type of winter jacket that can also be used year round during rainstorms. Most hard shells are breathable and lightweight, so they’re also a great option to counteract springtime showers and heavy summer thunderstorms. Many people will also wear hard shell jackets on top of a soft shell jacket for ultimate protection and warmth during very frigid temperatures!

ARES Sportswear’s Hard Shell Jackets

ARES offers a variety of different hard shell jackets that are compatible for both men and women, and all of our hard shells are completely waterproof. Some of our most popular hard shell jackets include the following:

Stormtech Road Warrior Thermal Shell, $94.99 ea.*

This is one of our most popular hard shell jackets that’s really great because it provides a sleek fit that’s accompanied by a thermal liner. So this is a very lightweight jacket with softer internal textures that provide an ultra-warm insulation.

This is a great jacket for both athletes and coaches that need extra warmth and weather resistance without too much bulkiness!

Adidas Bos 3-Stripe Rain Jacket, $74.99 ea.*

This is a full-zip, hard shell rain jacket that’s made of 100% recycled polyester. It’s both waterproof and windproof to provide an ample amount of protection against the elements.

There’s no denying that Adidas has developed the very best soccer apparel and gear over recent decades, and this is one of our best rain jackets for soccer teams who want to stay warm while also maintaining their full range of motion and agility for wet training sessions and warm-ups.

Badger Rainblock Waterproof Jacket, $87.49 ea.*

This breathable, 100% polyester jacket is another great hard shell that’s known for its waterproof coating and lightweight mesh liner. One great feature about this jacket is that the seams are all completely sealed for extreme weather. It also features Velcro sleeve pull-tabs and internal elasticized sleeves for a great fit for any athlete that needs to train hard while maintaining protection against wet weather.

Port Authority Vortex Waterproof 3-in-1 Jacket, $104.49 ea.*

This hard shell jacket is 100% polyester with a 100% nylon inner jacket material. This option from Port Authority is known for its breathability and complete protection against the elements. This jacket also features several pocket options so your athletes can keep smaller gear on them as well.

Another great feature about the Vortex jacket is that it comes in six different color options, so we’ll be more than ready to make sure that your team’s new jackets look great with your existing gear and jersey aesthetics! This jacket also comes in ladies sizes as well.

The North Face DryVent Rain Jacket, $107.99 ea.*

The North Face is well-known throughout the entire apparel industry for its weatherproofing technology and high-quality winter gear. This rain jacket from The North Face is yet another example of just how great this company is at developing jackets for all weather, and one great feature of the DryVent jacket is its breathability and very lightweight nature.

You’ll be able to stay warm during any serious rainstorm with this jacket, and it comes in four different color options and ladies sizes as well.

Under Armour Men’s Storm Rain Jacket, $111.49 ea.*

Under Armour is known for its state-of-the-art materials meant for wicking moisture and sweat away from athletes, and they’ve done it again with their UA Storm technology. This rain jacket is undoubtedly the cream of the crop throughout the entire industry, and this is partly because it properly repels water while not sacrificing any of its breathability.

This Under Armour option is also very warm and durable, so it’s a great jacket for any athletes that need extra protection from harsh storms and cold temperatures!

Reach Out To The ARES Sportswear Team To Learn More About Our Hard Shell Jackets!

ARES Sportswear has supported countless athletic programs and teams when it comes to high-quality jackets of all types, and our hard shell jackets are some of the best in the entire industry when it comes to keeping athletes dry during harsh weather. Our hard shells are also known for their breathability, because we know that your athletes will still be building up their body temperatures even during frigid days!

Reach out to us online to get in touch with our custom apparel specialists and let us know what type of hard shell jackets your team needs!   

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