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What Exactly Is A Soft Shell Jacket?

Soft shell jackets are useful for many athletes, coaches, parents and business teams in various types of weather!

soft shell jackets from ARES Sportswear

We get a lot of questions about our many different types of jackets and how certain materials will stand up to cold temperatures, rain, snow and other elements that athletes face on a regular basis. The good news is that the ARES team has you and your team covered no matter what type of jacket your squad needs, and we’ll always be able to accommodate your budget!

It’s understandable how there’s some confusion about soft shell jackets and whether or not these types of jackets are waterproof, so what we’ve done is break down the differences between hard and soft shell jackets so you can figure out which type of material is best for your next order.

What Exactly Is A Soft Shell Jacket?

Soft shell jackets are made of an outerwear material that’s much more stretchy, breathable and comfortable as compared to conventional waterproof jackets, i.e. hard shells.

Some soft shell jacket fabrics will include materials like fleece that are layered with other synthetic materials to create a cozy feel that’s also highly functional for workouts and athletic training sessions. There’s no doubt about it that soft shell jackets are the preferred outerwear option amongst athletes and outdoors enthusiasts that partake in activities like biking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, baseball, hockey, football and many other common outdoor activities.

The reason why soft shell materials are so useful for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts is because they’re breathable, so you won’t be a sweaty mess every time you take your jacket off during a workout! Soft shells also provide much more weather resistance as compared to hoodies and sweatshirts, and they also provide  an increased range of motion as compared to hard shell jackets.

What Are The Comparisons Between Hard Shell And Soft Shell Jackets?

Soft shell jackets generally tend to be much more comfortable and breathable as compared to hard shell jackets, and they also are more form-fitting for athletes because they naturally stretch to an individual’s contours. This is very different in comparison to hard shell jackets that tend to restrict an athlete’s range of motion and trap in body heat.

The thing that athletes really like about soft shell jackets is that they’re able to build up a good amount of sweat during their workouts but will also reap the benefits of moisture escaping their apparel. This is very different than hard shell jackets that will trap in moisture and many times leave an individual wet and sweaty!

Are Soft Shell Jackets Fully Waterproof?

Although soft shell jackets tend to do a great job at providing protection against moisture and weather elements, it’s more appropriate to refer to them as “water-resistant” instead of being fully “waterproof”.

This is mainly because soft shell jacket fabrics will feature what’s called a durable water repellent (DWR) coating that does a great job at stopping moisture from penetrating the jacket’s fabrics, but it’s likely that some moisture will soak through a soft shell jacket after long periods of being out in the rain or snow.

ARES Sportswear Offers A Great Selection Of Soft Shell Jackets!

Our line of soft shell jackets features fabrics that are very water-resistant, and some of our most popular soft shell jackets include the following:

  • And much more!

Reach Out To The ARES Team To Learn More About Our Soft Shell Jackets!

ARES Sportswear has supported countless athletic programs and schools throughout the United States, and we know just how versatile soft shell jackets can be for everyone.

Reach out to us online to get in touch with our custom apparel experts and learn more about how our soft shell jackets can support you and your team!

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