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5 Unique Advantages of Custom Embroidery For Your Team’s Apparel

Custom team apparel from ARES Sportswear comes in many different styles, and custom embroidery is one of our specialties!

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Although we can always offer many different printing options for your team’s apparel, custom embroidery just so happens to be one of our best choices for countless athletic programs.

Custom embroidery is a classic printing method that undoubtedly stands out amongst screen printing and other traditional printing methods due to the many impressive benefits it provides. Below we’ll be going over 5 unique benefits of custom embroidery that you should know about!

5 Unique Advantages of Custom Embroidery Printing

Many schools, athletic clubs and businesses are making the most of custom embroidery to help them stand out on and off the field, and custom embroidery is known to be a great option for all sorts of commercial purposes as well.

Below are five unique advantages of custom embroidery printing that are important to know as you’re planning out your next custom apparel investments:

1. Professional Design

Custom embroidery is known for providing a very high-quality, finished look to apparel, which is why it’s considered to be a top option for teams and businesses. ARES Sportswear utilizes state-of-the-art color combinations and high-quality thread to ensure that our embroidered designs feature intricate details on all sorts of clothing materials.

Our design experts will help you through every step of the process as we review your digitized designs and set up your embroidery printing for top-notch results!

2. Unparalleled Durability

When your team gets custom embroidery printing for your apparel, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll never fade like screen printing potentially can. You also don’t need to worry about washing any of your embroidered apparel, because it certainly has the durability to withstand your washing and drying machines.

All custom embroidered apparel is incredibly durable, and it can remain at an optimal quality for very long periods of time. So coaches and athletes can know that they’re getting shirts and other apparel for the foreseeable future when they invest in custom embroidery!

3. Team Morale Boosts & Effective Marketing

Custom embroidery provides athletes and coaches with a true sense that they’re a part of a winning team, and providing high-quality apparel for your team can undoubtedly go a long way in terms of boosting morale.

Custom embroidery printing is also a good option for business teams that are looking to make the most of their brand awareness and marketing strategies, because this type of design will evoke professionalism that your customers will appreciate. What’s also great about custom embroidery is that it’s affordable for startups and small businesses that are just getting started with their custom apparel campaigns!

4. Versatile Options

Custom embroidery is also known for its overall printing versatility, because it can be utilized on all sorts of apparel materials and accessories. For example, your team will have options to use embroidery on your custom t-shirts, jackets, polo shirts and much more.

It’s also possible to develop custom embroidered patches, which makes this printing method even more versatile for your team’s apparel and accessory needs!

5. Never Goes Out Of Style

Custom embroidery truly is universal in that any group can benefit from it in terms of designing their custom apparel, but athletic programs and businesses tend to be the top groups that we support at ARES Sportswear.

Custom embroidery is timeless and will truly never go out of style, so your athletes and employees will certainly enjoy wearing their embroidered apparel for many years to come!

Contact The Custom Apparel Specialists At ARES Sportswear To Learn More About Our Custom Embroidery!

ARES Sportswear has supported countless schools, club sports programs and businesses with obtaining high-quality apparel featuring custom embroidery, and we’ll be more than happy to help get you on the right track towards your next apparel orders.

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