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T-Shirt Design Tips To Help Improve Your Custom Tees

The design experts at ARES Sportswear are hear to help you make the most of your team’s custom tees!

Custom tees, polos, hoodies, backpacks & pullovers in days!

Every coach, athlete and parent understands just how cool a great t-shirt design is, but a lot of people get a bit confused when it comes to taking custom tees to another levels and really impressing. Some of the best t-shirt designs are pretty simplified, but even the most basic design must avoid all sorts of potential mistakes.

Below is a list of t-shirt design tips from the ARES team to help you improve your squad’s custom tees!

1. Establishing Modest Print Sizes

One of the most common mistakes that people make while designing custom tees is to stick with standard print sizes without properly weighing all their options. What a lot of teams don’t realize is that standard print sizes are actually much larger than you’d generally assume, and this can mean that standard is actually too big for your preferred design.

The ARES team will help you decipher your best print sizes based upon factors like your shirt’s purpose, the specific garment’s properties, and the intricate details of your actual design.

2. Design Placement

Your team’s t-shirts should feature perfect print locations, and this requires a particular attention to detail that you’ll only get from experienced industry specialists. This is because we’ll offer print location options based upon a design’s dimensions as it pertains to sections of a garment’s dimensions.

We understand if that sounds confusing, but the good news is that you can simply trust our specialists to offer great design placement suggestions. But you should also know that we’re always open to alternative print areas and unique print placements from our clients, because we get it if you’d like to try something different. Our team will be there for you through every step of the design placement process, and we’ll help you create something special and offer suggestions when you have ideas to go against the grain!  

3. Focusing on Typography & Fonts

Typography refers to how words are visually arranged, and fonts are the actual styles of texts. This means that anytime t-shirt design occurs, typography and fonts are likely to be involved.

What’s great about working with our experienced graphic designers is that they’ve been properly trained in art forms like typography, which means they know how to perfectly blend the right fonts with certain typography strategies. The key to successful custom tee design when it comes to text is to design the shirt’s text in a way that balances and interacts with other graphic elements in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

And remember, your font choice is incredibly important in terms of evoking the emotions and ideas that you want from your t-shirts. Everyone has been at least a little bit conditioned to associate certain fonts with certain ideas and feelings, so we’ll be sure to help you get this combination right!

4. T-Shirt Composition

A shirt’s composition is another fundamental part of its overall design, and this refers to the precise arrangements of the design elements in relation to one another. When you blend every piece of a shirt’s design together, you have overall composition.

Although high-quality shirt composition can seem somewhat subjective, the truth is that there are several industry rules that significantly improve designs. If your team wants to work with a variety of design elements to ultimately create very special t-shirts, then our team will help put you in the right effort towards perfecting the composition of those elements!

5. Guaranteed Image Resolution/Quality

It’s an all-too-common problem for customers to submit art files within low-resolution images, and this is because low-resolution pictures don’t provide the pixel data that’s needed to develop quality, printed images. A general rule of thumb to keep in mind for submitted artwork is that the image should be 200-300 dpi.

Starting your custom t-shirt design with a very high-quality image will be absolutely critical when it comes to ensuring your end results! The good news is that our team will let you know when an image doesn’t have the type of resolution that you’ll ultimately need, and we’ll help you create the correct type of scan to re-save the image at the appropriate resolution.

Some Other T-Shirt Design Tips Include The Following:

  • Carefully choosing the correct colors
  • Keeping your design clear and visible via proper contrast
  • Not overdoing the shirt’s complexity
  • And much more!

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