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Why Specific Print Locations Work Best For Your Team’s Logo Placement

Print location is a crucial part of the custom t-shirt design process, and the ARES experts are here to help your team get it right!

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It’s always important for coaches and team administrators to know the standards of custom t-shirt design before they get far into the development process. When it comes to print locations, there simply are many reasons why there are standards.

No matter which type of printing method you’re interested in, there will be industry rules and guidelines that all professional apparel companies follow. This is why we’ve developed this page to help you get ahead of the game in terms of knowing these types of printing rules, but you should also know that we’ll always hear you out when you’re interested in alternative print locations.

Below we’ll be going six of the most conventional print locations for custom apparel so you can better understand how to cohesively implement your team’s design and logo!

Top 6 Print Locations For Custom T-Shirts & More

Although there are many other print location options available to you and your team, the following eight print locations are good options to choose from:

1. Left Chest

This is one of the most classic print locations for many teams, schools and businesses. You likely already own a polo or 1/4 zip that has a left chest print on it, and there are plenty of reasons why this location is so popular.

The left chest area simply is a tasteful area for a team logo or printed design, and these prints will specifically be about 3” down from a jacket, 1/4 zip or polo’s collar and about 3-4” wide. This type of print location is easily adjustable based upon shirt size, so you can rest easy knowing that it’ll always look right.

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind for left chest designs is that your image detail shouldn’t be too intricate. This is because this print area is rather small, and people won’t be able to see smaller design details.

2. Center Chest

Center chest print designs are really fun because you’ll essentially be putting your team’s logo or print right in the very center of the wearer’s chest. This type of print is usually moderately sized, which means that the design will always be easily visible.

This is a good print location option for hoodies and t-shirts, and you can count on this print location when it comes to making a statement.

3. Full Front

Although a full front print will generally be in the same area as a center chest print, there’s a major difference in the overall size of these two prints. Full front prints are very common because they are large and will take up almost the entirety of the shirt’s torso area.

Full front is typically 12”x14” and starts about 3” down from the shirt’s collar, so there’s no denying that this can seem pretty large for certain t-shirt designs. This type of design makes it clear that athletic teams need to consider the overall surface area of their apparel design, as well as the overall quality of the design’s digital image.

4. Small Upper Back Area/Collar

This used to be an alternative print location several years ago, but it’s grown in popularity so much that it’s now considered to be standard. This just so happens to be a really wonderful shirt location for a team’s logo or motto to complement front prints.

These prints are usually pretty small, about 2-3” wide. It’s supposed to be subtle, but it’s also supposed to attract attention in unique ways.

5. Upper Back

This is the type of print location that you’ve likely noticed on event staff or security team shirts, but of course any athletic team can also utilize this space for a larger print as compared to the small upper back area location.

These prints are typically around 12-14” wide, so you’re not going to be quite as subtle when you go this big with your design. But what’s great about this print location is that it’ll really stand out and keep your employees or athletes turning heads!

6. Sleeves

Although some may consider sleeve prints to be alternative, they’re popular enough to where certain smaller sleeve prints are standard. Our team of course will always help you go above and beyond these types of standard sleeve prints, especially when you’re looking to do something special with long-sleeve tees!

Standard sleeve prints are about 3” wide, and they’re typically reserved for basic artwork. Usually these prints will be placed about one inch away from the sleeve’s hem, and this is another subtle print location that adds just an extra bit of style to your team’s apparel!

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ARES Sportswear has supported countless schools and athletic programs when it comes to custom t-shirt design, and print locations are a big part of how we make sure that all our clients are making the most of their custom apparel investments.

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