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Summer Fashion Trends In Men’s Custom Apparel

Stay up on the latest trends in men’s custom apparel for Summer 2022!

mens custom apparel for summer 2022

It’s understandable if you think keeping up with the latest fashion trends is challenging, because the athletic apparel industry is constantly changing and evolving in all sorts of awesome ways!

Men’s custom apparel can sometimes be pretty tricky because what was once the best product is often replaced by something new and more cutting-edge, and the overall men’s range in apparel is much more limited as compared to women’s custom apparel. This means that fashion trends are a bit less noticeable, which is why the ARES team is here to help you know what’s trending this summer in men’s apparel.

Top Summer Trends For Men’s Custom Apparel

When it comes to broad-scale custom apparel trends, we’re often referring to products that provide a great blend of simplicity, affordability and functionality.

Below are some of the top summer trends in men’s custom apparel that you and your squad should know about for the rest of 2022:

Customized Practice/Leisure Apparel

A lot of teams wonder what it would be like to wear customized practice gear that helps maintain easier training organization, and many teams in all sports are pulling the trigger in 2022 and investing in personalized practice apparel.

Most athletes also like to rep their team when they’re relaxing outside of practice, which is why custom athleisure apparel is also trending this summer. This can include polo shirts, rain jackets, jogger pants, t-shirts, shorts, and a lot more.

And what’s great about customizing your training and leisure apparel with ARES is that you’ll get unparalleled prices and customer support!


Training apparel has evolved a lot in recent years, and today products like jumpsuits aren’t considered to be just for women. Jumpsuits are great for track & field training, wrestlers, and many other male athletes that want streamlined performance and moisture-resistance while doing fitness training in the summer.

Whether it’s oversized jumpsuits or regressive shorts, there’s no denying that athletic jumpsuits are making a fashion comeback in 2022!


Cutouts aren’t just DIY apparel projects for t-shirts that don’t fit anymore, because there are now many options that help athletes get the ventilation they need while working out.

Cutout shirts also offer a very bold design that defines masculinity and self-confidence, and having a high-quality cutout shirt will improve workout versatility!

Vibrant Colors

The summer months are when most people bring out their most vibrant outfits, and this upcoming summer is looking like it’ll be all about bright colors.

Consider some assorted colors within your team’s training outfits that include fluorescent and pastel hues to keep your athletes styling out!

Showing Some Legs

Men are now more frequently displaying their legs in summer athletic shorts, and this is beneficial from both fashion and functionality standpoints. Many serious athletes understand that micro-shorts are for more than just lounging on the beach, which is why you’ll see many professionals showing more legs during their training sessions.

So if your team is doing some serious workouts this summer, consider some shorts that’ll provide a full range of motion!

Fashionable Jogging Suits

Jogging suits have been in style for several years now, but today in 2022 they’re becoming more breathable and suitable for summer months. These are great outfits for athletes that want to train at the crack of dawn when the morning dew is still contributing to a light chill.

A Return To Natural Greens

When it comes to trending colors, pastel and cameo greens are a continuously popular option amongst male athletes and coaches. Summertime is usually when a lot of people will wear natural prints, and going green with your outfits this summer will be a fashionable statement.

Sandals Are Taking Over

Although there will always be an enormous amount of love for flip-flops in the summer months, many athletes are choosing sandals instead for their summer footwear. Sandals always provide much more arch support and stability as compared to flip-flops, and they’re a great option for athletes to slip on after a hot training session!

Psychedelic Color Schemes

A lot of teams are choosing to get alternative shirts that stray away from the norm, and these are good options for your team’s summer camps where it’ll boost morale to switch things up a bit.

Some of these bold color options include neon greens, electric blues, fluorescent pinks, tie-dyes and much more.

Reach Out To ARES Sportswear To Get Your Squad Ready For Summer Training Camps!

All of us at ARES Sportswear spend a lot of time researching and understanding what the latest trends are throughout the athletic apparel industry, and our team curates our vast inventory based upon which products provide state-of-the-art functionality and trending style!

Reach out to us online to speak with our design team today about how we can help get your squad looking great this summer!

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