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Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Worker Apparel

As the summer weather starts to turn, it’s now time for business leaders to consider upgrading their outdoor worker apparel!

All Things Outdoors with custom apparel for outdoor workers

A lot of people will automatically assume that branded apparel is directly connected to fashion and apparel styles, but it’s also true that branded apparel can apply to more utility-based clothing. Just like there’s specialized clothing for doctors and nurses, there’s also specialized outdoor worker apparel that countless companies need to take seriously.

ARES Sportswear is so much more than an athletic apparel company, and we’ve helped many construction companies with safety gear and clothing over the years. We understand just how much business leaders want to get high-quality, functional apparel for outdoor workers at a reasonable price, and below is our guide oriented around helping you find the outdoor worker apparel that fits your unique needs!

Common Types of Outdoor Worker Apparel

Although many construction companies will solely rely upon their employees wearing their own clothing, it goes a long way to provide custom apparel that makes outdoor workers bond together.

Some of the most common types of outdoor worker apparel that we provide to our clients include the following:

  • Custom Hoodies & Sweatshirts: Every construction crew needs to wear hoodies and sweatshirts when the weather starts to get cold, and we can provide a whole variety of options to match your company’s style. This includes full-zips, ¼ zips, and vests.
  • Custom T-Shirts: Just like any other professionals, outdoor workers need custom t-shirts to wear to work. There are many reasons why investing in high-quality shirts is crucial for outdoor crews, and ARES offers a wide selection of moisture-wicking shirts that are comfy and look great!
  • Work Jackets: Custom work jackets are also a good option for both outdoor workers and office colleagues, and ARES offers an incredible work jacket option in the Augusta Hooded Taffeta Jacket that only comes in at $17.99 before customization!
  • Safety Apparel: It’s also absolutely critical for every construction team to invest in hi-vis shirts and safety vests, because your employee safety is always a top priority. Our most popular safety vest is the CornerStone® ANSI 107 Class 2 Mesh Back Safety Vest.
  • Outdoor Work Pants: These durable pants are important for all outdoor workers because they’re breathable and will last through countless tough days on the job. Many outdoor workers are also turning to athletic warm-ups and pants to stay warm and wick moisture on the job as well.
  • Work Headwear: Every outdoor worker needs a beanie or a hat at the very least to better withstand the elements, and hard hats are typically required as safety gear on most projects as well.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest In Custom Outdoor Worker Apparel

Customized apparel options offer quality-rich, functional and user-friendly features for outdoor workers that every construction team loves. The ARES design team is always here to support your efforts in making your outdoor work apparel really stand out, and below are some reasons to consider these apparel investments for your business:

Maintaining Personal Safety

Many outdoor workers have to work in harsh elements and weather conditions, so high-quality apparel can subsequently go a long in ensuring that your entire crew stays comfortable day in and day out. We all know just how variable the weather can be no matter what time of year it is, so construction crews need to be prepared for everything!

Promotional Custom Designs

When your crew is wearing custom work apparel, it means they’ll also be wearing promotional apparel while on and off the job. Your company’s logo being on your outdoor worker’s jackets and shirts will undoubtedly boost your overall brand awareness and keep your company more visible to clients and other leads.

Custom apparel is an incredibly affordable advertising strategy, so it makes sense to create eye-popping shirts that’ll get people’s heads turning!

High-Quality Standards

When you invest in custom apparel for your construction crew, you’ll always get better quality materials as compared to pre-built uniforms. And being able to choose all the features of your company’s clothing can guarantee aesthetics and the overall uniqueness of your team’s look!

Reach Out To The ARES Team To Learn More About Our Outdoor Worker Apparel!

ARES Sportswear has always been a lot more than a youth sports apparel provider, and we’re always here for you and your business when you need customized work apparel for both office and outdoor workers.

Our design experts will help you narrow down your best options and put you in the right direction towards a valuable long-term investment, and you can contact us online today to see how we can get the ball rolling on your next order!

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