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Tips For Washing & Drying Your Team’s Screen Printed Shirts

Every team has screen printed shirts, so it’s important for athletes and parents to take proper care of them off the field!

Volleyball Uniforms and screen printed shirts

Everyone loves screen printed shirts and wants their team shirts to last for as long as possible, but of course flaking, cracking, wearing and fading are all issues that shirts face over long periods of time. And when it comes to a shirt’s fabrics, they often will get discolored, stretched and even roughened up as the shirt is worn many times.

But the good news is that all these t-shirt problems are avoidable when you follow some easy cleaning and upkeep steps. Instead of putting your team’s shirts in the washing machine with all of your other clothes, you might want to consider treating them with special care.

Below we’ll be going over some washing and drying tips that’ll help you take care of your team’s screen printed shirts!

Tips For Washing Screen Printed Shirts

When it comes down to it, the safest way to properly wash your customized shirts is by hand, which means turning them inside-out and mixing mild detergent in a sink or small tub. You’ll then let your shirt soak for about 15-20 minutes before gently scrubbing it around in the rinse until it’s ready to be air dried.

Of course hand-washing isn’t an option for a lot of people’s busy schedules, and it’s perfectly fine to use a washer and dryer (as long as you take proper precautions). Below are some machine washing instructions to keep in mind when you’re trying to maintain the integrity of your team’s screen printed shirts:

  • Turn your shirts inside-out prior to placing them in your washing machine. This is important because it’ll help you prevent any print frictions with other garments. It’ll also help you avoid pilling.
  • Pre-treat dirty areas with a stain remover spray. There’s usually no need to add extra detergent when you know your athletic apparel is particularly dirty, because commercial sprays will work well and are safe for fabrics.
  • Consider gently buffing out stains with a washcloth. It’s important not to use anything abrasive when trying to hand-buff apparel stains, because this can actually create an adverse effect on the shirt’s fabric.
  • Separate similar textures, clothing weights and colors. It’s never a good idea to overfill your washing machine with all sorts of heavy garments and materials (e.g. towels, jeans), because these heavier garments can end up aggravating your team shirt’s fabric.
  • Do cold water, gentle cycles with a mild detergent. Harsh detergents, warm water and intense washing cycles are the perfect formula for damaging t-shirts.

Tips For Drying Screen Printed Shirts

After washing, drying is the most important thing athletes need to keep in mind when it comes to athletic apparel upkeep. It’s no secret that dryers can wreck havoc on t-shirts, and this is mostly because of the heated tumbling. This is why it’s often recommended to avoid dryers as much as you can when it comes to your most valuable athletic clothing.

Below are some tips associated with both air drying and machine drying your team apparel:

Air Drying

  • Hang your shirts up to properly air dry. Air drying is always going to be the safest way to dry your athletic apparel, because it’ll help you avoid fabric damage and shrinkage. Consider placing the shirts outside or in front a fan to make the air drying process go faster!
  • Be sure to use a thick plastic hangar. Clothespins and wire hangars can end up leaving behind pointy shapes in your shirt’s shoulder areas, so be sure to use the rounded kind of hangar to protect your shirt’s shaping.

Machine Drying

  • Always turn your screen printed shirts inside-out prior to placing them in your dryer. This will help you prevent all sorts of unwanted friction up against your shirt’s print.
  • Use low heat settings or Permanent Press. Heat can significantly damage your shirts prints and fabric, including resistant athletic fabrics like polyester. You can also consider removing your shirts early within the drying process as well so it doesn’t stay in the dryer for the entire cycle.

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