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Basketball Season Is Back, And ARES Has Your Team Covered With Our Top-Quality Basketball Apparel!

It’s finally basketball season again, so it’s time to re-stock your squad with basketball apparel from ARES Sportswear!

Customized Boys Basketball Apparel and Customized Girls Basketball Apparel

November is finally here, which means it’s time for basketball teams everywhere to ramp up their training sessions in preparation for the upcoming season!

We’re all huge basketball fans at ARES Sportswear, so there’s always an extra bit of excitement this time of year as we’re supporting AAU and school programs in finalizing their orders.

There are a lot of great reasons to team up with us for your basketball apparel, but countless programs keep coming back to ARES for our unparalleled combination of quality and affordability. You simply can’t get better deals on better apparel than you can through our industry-leading inventory, and below we’ll be going over some of the most popular options for the upcoming 2022-23 season!

We Offer Tons of Basketball Uniform Options For Both Girls & Boys Teams!  

Every basketball team will have a lot of options when it comes to our uniforms and training jerseys, and the following are some of our most popular choices:

Ladies Under Armour Triple Double Set Deal, $25.08 ea.*

When it comes to a high-quality basketball jersey for women’s teams at an unbeatable price, you can’t do much better than this set deal from Under Armour.

We’ve had a great relationship with Under Armour for decades, and our clients are always the ones reaping the rewards of this partnership. And with over 15 color options, we’ll have your team covered for both home and away games!

A4 Reversible Mesh Tank, $10.99 ea.*

This is the go-to practice jersey option for countless men’s and women’s basketball teams all across the country, and it comes in at a great price that fits any team’s budget.

This practice jersey is 100% polyester and only weighs 3.4 ounces. It also features odor-resistant and moisture-wicking technology, which makes it a great game day option for recreational leagues as well.

Men’s Under Armour Fury Set Deal, $58.99 ea.*

The Fury set deal from Under Armour is one of the best in the entire industry for both youth and adult basketball teams. Athletes have raved about this jersey’s sleek design in recent years, particularly how it offers a perfect range of motion while also providing a snug fit around the shoulders.

So if you’re looking to add some style points to your team’s apparel this season, then look no further! This is one of our top basketball jersey options for men’s teams.

ARES Step-Back Set Deal, $35.97 ea.*

This is another great set deal option that’s tailored for men’s basketball teams, and it’s very similar to the Under Armour deal but at a significantly less price.

A ton of teams on a budget absolutely love this set deal option, because it offers that unbeatable quality and affordability that you can’t find anywhere else!

Every Basketball Team Needs Warm Ups & Jackets!

Warm ups and jackets are crucial for basketball teams during the heart of the winter when athletes need to warm up quickly and maintain their body heat while resting during games. But warm ups are also great spiritwear options for basketball teams that travel together from game to game, and below are some of our top options for 2022-23:

Augusta Medalist 2.0 Set Deal & Ladies Augusta Medalist 2.0 Set Deal, $55.39 ea.*

This set deal from Augusta comes in both men’s and women’s sizes, so it’s a great option for schools or other AAU programs that want to match all their teams together.

Augusta has been one of the leading options in basketball warm ups for many years, and this medalist 2.0 set deal is one of the most affordable packages in today’s youth athletic apparel industry!

Under Armour M’s Rival Knit Set Deal & Ladies Rival Knit Set Deal, $83.99 ea.*

This set deal from Under Armour is of course more expensive as compared to the above option from Augusta, but the overall quality of the warm up jacket and pants is worth the extra costs for many serious basketball programs.

This is a good option for AAU programs, high school and college teams that are looking to show up to the court in style!

ARES Also Has Your Basketball Team Covered With Custom Hoodies!

We offer a wide variety of hoodies for all sports programs, but of course basketball teams need hoodies simply because their season is in the heart of winter.

Below are some of our top hoodies to keep in mind as your team prepares for the upcoming change in the weather:

ARES Sportie Hoodie, $9.99 ea.*

Our very own sportie hoodie is still one of the best options on the market today. It’s 20% cotton and 80% polyester, and at under $10, it’s by far the best bang for any basketball team’s buck!

Augusta Sportswear Wicking Fleece Hoodie, $29.49 ea.*

This 100% polyester hoodie from Augusta is a top option for athletes that love moisture-wicking technology. This ends up being a good option for teams that want to do outdoor workouts and fitness sessions, and it’s quickly becoming one of our bestselling hoodies for the 2022-23 winter.

Reach Out To The ARES Team To Get The Ball Rolling On Your Next Basketball Apparel Order!

Basketball season will be fully up and going within a matter of weeks, so this is the time for coaches and school administrators to begin finalizing their apparel orders.

The ARES team is always here to answer your questions and put you on the right track towards the apparel investments that work best for you and your team’s budget, so contact us online to speak with our specialists today about what your team needs this season!

Thank You Very Much!

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