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How to order

If you would like help with this process, look for the LIVE CHAT button on our website. You can also get started following the steps below; you will need to visit Badger’s website and return to this page afterwards. We have provided the links, and they will open in a new tab for you.

Badger Sublimated Uniform Website Home Page
Badger Sublimated Uniform Builder Baseball Uniform Options
  1. Visit the Badger Sublimated Uniform website:
  2.  Click START to being designing. Their easy-to-use designer will walk you through this process step by step.
  3. Pick your sport.
  4. Select the item you want under the gender category that you are shopping for.
  5. Select the category/style you want.
  6. Choose the color/design combo that matches your team.
  7. On the options menu, you will be able to select the colors of the fabric.
  8. After you have chosen all the colors you want, click next, and then pick where you want your team design printed.
  9. Add numbers and/or logos, and continue to the next step. You can add more designs, or you can click next to get to the summary page.
  10. On the summary page, write down the style number and the design. You will need to submit these using the form at the bottom of our page to get your order started.

Do you have your style number and design code ready?

Sublimated Sports Jerseys Help Your Team Succeed

Are you looking for ways to give your school team the best chance of success? Look no further than sublimated sports jerseys! Sublimated jerseys provide an unbeatable combination of performance, comfort and style. With their lightweight fabric, vibrant colors and custom designs, Badger sublimated sports jerseys are the perfect way to give your team a boost on and off the field.

Badger Blue Men's Sublimated Uniform Lakeside

They're Customizable

Sublimated sports jerseys offer a great way to customize your team’s uniform with designs and colors that are truly unique. Sublimation printing allows for incredibly detailed designs that are not possible with traditional printing methods. You can choose from a wide range of colors, logos, names, numbers, and even intricate artwork. Furthermore, you can have the design applied directly onto the fabric, which is much more durable than other methods. This means that you won’t have to worry about your design cracking or fading over time. With sublimation sports jerseys, you can create a unique and stylish uniform for your team that will make them stand out from the competition.

They're Comfortable

When it comes to sports jerseys, one of the most important factors is comfort. After all, your players need to be able to move freely and without restriction during practice and games. That’s why Badger sublimated sports jerseys are such an ideal option for any school team. Sublimated sports jerseys are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics that will keep your players cool and comfortable no matter how intense the competition gets. Plus, they can be customized with your team’s name, logo, and colors to make your team stand out on the field.

Gray Badger Sublimated Uniform Cougar
Badger Sublimated Uniform Polo Polecat

They're Durable

Badger sublimated sports jerseys are designed to be highly durable. The material used in their construction is designed to resist abrasion, wear and tear and other damage. The sublimation process also adds to the longevity of the jersey by bonding the colors with the material, meaning that they won’t fade or wash out over time. This ensures that the jerseys will retain their vibrant colors and original design for much longer than other jersey types. Additionally, sublimated sports jerseys are made to last through a season of use and can be easily cleaned and maintained, so your team will be looking good game after game.

Team Store Image Badger

Don’t forget, you can always add sublimated jerseys to your team store!

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