5 Back-To-School High School and College Spiritwear Trends To Keep In Mind This Summer!

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next spiritwear outfits!

custom spiritwear apparel is big for high school and college students

Although we may be in the heart of summer it’s never a better time to start preparing to head back to campus, and all of us at Ares Sportswear are here to help students get ready for the new school year with a ton of custom spiritwear apparel options!

In this article we’ve rounded up 5 of the most popular trends permeating throughout the high school and college clothing demographics, which we’re sure will help you head back to school with an A+ for style!

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So here are the 5 back-to-school trends for high school and college spiritwear:

Greek Life Gear And Fashion

For college students there truly are countless opportunities to support your sorority or fraternity via custom apparel, and showcasing how unique your Greek letters and school are will always go a long way in terms of fall fashion!

Sororities at Ohio State and other major universities across the country are continuously establishing fashion trends, and some recent trends include flow tanks, crop tops, and wide-neck t-shirts that help show their house’s pride.

Fraternities in recent years have been bringing back old fashion trends like pocket t-shirts, tackle twill sweatshirts and crew neck t-shirts.

Ares Sportswear has helped many different Greek organizations in terms of customizing Greek apparel with letters, crests, mottos, school names and even specific event names. So all of our industry experts are well aware of the growing trends permeating throughout Greek life, and this fall there undoubtedly will be new trends that emerge from Greek organizations throughout the country!

Oversized Apparel

Oversized, relaxed fashion trends have been wildly popular throughout high school and colleges in recent years. Some people say go big or go home when it comes to fashion trends, and this fall will likely see this trend continue to flourish.

Although some would say oversized apparel is in a comeback stage, it’s safe to say that this trend grows in popularity each year as temperatures begin to drop in the Fall.

Some popular oversized apparel options include cozy college shirts and hoodies, as well as sweatpants that feature school colors and emblems.

Comfort Colors

Young people of all ages are rapidly developing their wardrobes towards very soft cotton fabrics and vintage color schemes. These vintage options provide a more lived-in statement that many college and high school students really appreciate.

It’s definitely a growing trend to see more school clubs, sports teams and organizations choose comfort colors throughout all fashionable apparel options. Some of the common comfort color choices include long-sleeve pocket shirts, which are rather easy to customize and are great for fall weather.


It’s pretty safe to say that the overall athleisure apparel trend is here to stay going into the second half of 2020, and a big staple of this type of fashion trend are jogger pants.

One big reason why joggers are so popular is because both men and women love this style that seamlessly combines style and comfort together. Joggers are great for simply hanging out with friends at a coffee shop, or going to class.

And the only thing better than wearing joggers is wearing customized joggers! Adding things like your school’s logo on one pant leg or a team name printed down one side, or even simple jogger pants within your school’s color sequence can be a major statement this fall!

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Football teams, business fraternities, student governments and all sorts of clubs and student organizations are choosing more professional, clean-cut looks for themselves.

This is exactly why customized embroidered polo shirts are our last back-to-school fashion trend to keep in mind this fall, because this type of group shirt will always signify a more classic style that speaks volumes.

Embroidered polo shirts are a great way to provide a bit more professional unity to your school’s team or organization, and sometimes just a simple school logo on the left chest is all that’s necessary to make a big fashion statement!

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Spiritwear truly comes in all different styles, and that’s because all of us have unique groups to be proud of when it comes to back-to-school fashion trends.

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