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6 Custom Apparel Items (Besides Jerseys) That Every Volleyball Player Needs!

Volleyball teams need all types of custom apparel, and the ARES Sportswear team has been assisting volleyball players across the country for years!

Custom Volleyball Apparel, Custom Volleyball Quarter Zip Up Pullover, Custom Volleyball Sportie Hoodie, Custom Volleyball Sweatpants

Volleyball is one heck of a sport, and one really fun part about volleyball is that it’s a sport that people can play at just about every stage of life. Of course most competitive volleyball programs are either club or school oriented, and when you or your kids take volleyball seriously it also means being prepared with custom apparel.

Volleyball is always going to require a certain amount of equipment (besides jerseys), so here’s a brief overview in terms of the many different items that all volleyball players will inevitably require!

A Team Backpack

The logic behind this customizable team equipment is pretty simple, because every player is going to need a volleyball-specific backpack to bring everything they need to both games and practices. Every youth sports team understand the hassles of making sure every player has all of their equipment on them when they need it, and an easy way to make sure everyone is prepared is giving each player the proper place to store and keep track of everything.

A large backpack like the Under Armor backpacks provided by ARES will provide more than enough room for everything a volleyball player will need, plus some extra storage space for snacks!

Of course it can be pretty difficult to distinguish backpacks from one another when every teammate has the same bag, which is why our team will always help you throughout the customization process to better ensure everything looks great and that each player’s name and number are aesthetically visible.

Practice Shirts

It’s important for every volleyball player to have an assortment of breathable, athletic shirts to practice in, and every team wants to have an organized look while practicing together.

Volleyball practice shirts can come in short sleeve tees and long sleeve tees, and it’s also important to note that volleyball practices can sometimes take place outside or inside.

There’s no doubt about it that volleyball team practice shirts provide a great opportunity for customization, and this is partly because these moisture-wicking materials are great for screen printing. There are a lot of benefits associated with team apparel, and practice shirts are a great way to keep volleyball players motivated to continue pushing themselves and improving their game!


Every volleyball player understands that a tournament day may consist of three or more matches in one day, which will result in teams waiting to play their next game and needing to stay warm in between matches.

This is just one of the many reasons why most volleyball teams will provide custom sweatpants to their players, and it’s true that this type of athleisure is growing in popularity.

But sweatpants are more than just a fashion statement for volleyball players, because they also go a long way in terms of keeping players insulated and prepared for better performances. These types of performance-based sweatpants are exemplified in ARES’ Under Armor Hustle Pants!

Team Hoodies

Just like with sweatpants, volleyball players need to keep themselves warm in between tournament games through wearing custom hoodies. ARES provides several different hoodie options that are specifically oriented towards volleyball teams, including our Jerzees Nublend Hoodie and Under Armor Hustle Hoodie.

Hoodies keep players warm, while at the same time providing a spirit wear opportunity that helps build team comradery!

Pullover Spirit Wear

Although it may not be deemed a complete necessity, just about every volleyball team will also have a pullover team shirt to wear as an alternative to their hoodies. ¼ zips and ½ zips are a really fashionable look that keeps volleyball players feeling confident both on and off the court, and they’re a great way to show team spirit throughout school days and other daily routines.

Some of ARES’ most popular pullover spirit wear items specifically oriented towards volleyball players include our August Medalist Pullover 2.0 and the Holloway Electrify ½ zip.

Volleyball Shorts

The last volleyball custom apparel item we’re going to discuss on this page is volleyball shorts, and this is an item that every player is going to require multiple pairs of to be ready for daily practices and season schedules.

Volleyball shorts are always unique in that they’re very flexible and allow players to better move laterally and make quick reflex movements when it matters most.

Reach Out To The ARES Sportswear Team To Learn More About How We Can Support Your Volleyball Team’s Custom Apparel Orders!

ARES Sportswear has been helping countless volleyball teams throughout Ohio and the whole country for many years, and this is partly because our inventory provides an unbridled combination of both quality and affordability.

We understand just how important it is for volleyball teams to look and feel great during both practices and games, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 to get in touch with our specialists who can guide you through the design and ordering processes!

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