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Custom Apparel Trends For 2021!

Every school, athletic team and business group should keep the following custom apparel trends in mind as we approach 2021!

2020 has certainly been a pretty rough year for everybody, so let’s start looking ahead to 2021 and the many different custom apparel trends that ARES Sportswear will be keeping in mind for many of our client orders!

Custom clothing has definitely developed a ton during 2020, and in many ways it’s never been more important to show team/school spirit and say we’re here for each other through what we wear! There’s absolutely no denying that custom masks and face coverings are going to continue to grow in popularity in 2021, but there are also many different apparel options that are trending that we’ll discuss in detail below!

1. Bold T-Shirt Designs and Logos

The ARES Sportswear team has always been a leading provider of custom tees for many years, and 2020 saw a lot more people wearing t-shirts on a more regular basis. This is partly because more adults are working from home and more kids are taking classes remotely, but nevertheless t-shirt sales are ubiquitously up and designs/logos are becoming bolder than ever before!

A lot of schools, businesses and charity organizations are embracing vibrant colors and bigger logo designs, and the ARES team is confident that this aesthetic, eye-catching trend is going to continue into 2021.

2. Casual Work/School Attire  

2020 embraced casual work/school attire probably more than we had hoped for, but it’s safe to say that people everywhere have gotten used to wearing more comfortable apparel on a daily basis.

Custom polo shirts come with a whole array of benefits for businesses and school groups, because they provide a professional, timeless look. And these days custom polos are becoming just as practical in the workplace as suits and ties are!

We’re absolutely confident that casual work apparel will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2021, and that the 2020 Holiday Season is a great time for business leaders to consider these types of orders as employee gifts.

3. ¼ Zips Will Continue To Rise In Popularity

¼ zips were popular during the colder months at the beginning of 2020, and now that the weather is starting to cool down again they’re picking back up. ¼ zips provide a really great combination of both comfort and style that’s great for athletic teams, businesses and school groups of all types.

So it’s pretty safe to say that ¼ zips have been a trendy custom apparel option for awhile now, and this is partly because all types of athleisure wear have been growing in popularity in recent years.

And when it comes to 2021 trends, ¼ zips will be right up there as one of the hottest apparel items throughout the country!

4. Throwback Hoodies

Throwback or retro hoodie designs are undoubtedly a part of the fall 2020 custom hoodie trends, and these 80s/90s design themes will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2021.

We’re now currently seeing a lot of growth in throwback prints, pastel colors, and neon logo designs that are great for school groups and businesses that are looking to add a little fun to their professional team apparel.

What’s great about throwback hoodies is that both younger and older demographics love the designs, so it’s safe to say that A LOT of people will be making these types of style adjustments to their orders!

5. Seasonal Baseball Caps

Custom baseball caps have proven to be a really popular, year-round custom apparel choice. It’s tough to say what designs/colors have grown more in popularity throughout 2020, but it’s definitely safe to say that schools and companies of all types are utilizing baseball caps as a great way to show team spirit!

6. Fitness Style

A ton of people have developed their own unique fitness routines throughout 2020, and there are even more people that are going to be getting back into fitness as a New Year’s resolution for 2021!

Some popular fitness apparel items include things like leggings, compression gear and sleeveless shirts/tanks. This type of apparel is becoming so popular partly because there are countless school groups and charities that are currently promoting health/fitness and want their orders to reflect these types of goals.

Reach Out To The ARES Sportswear Team To Learn More About Our Many Custom Apparel Options!

ARES Sportswear has been a custom apparel industry leader throughout the entire country for many years, and this is because of our unbridled dedication to provide the very best combination of both quality and affordability.

Reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 to get in touch with our team of specialists who can guide you through your custom apparel orders and ensure that you’re well aware of the trends that will grow throughout 2021!    

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