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A Brief Guide To All Of Ares Sportswear’s 2020-21 Youth Sports Catalogs!

Our Fall 2020-21 Catalogs are officially out and we’re excited to share what’s in store with you!

All of us at Ares Sportswear are very excited to announce that our 2020-21 youth sports and spiritwear apparel catalogs have just been released, and to make things easier for everyone we’ve created this article to act as a brief guide to go over each of the latest catalogs and what’s in store for this fall!

Always feel free to browse all of our catalogs to see what we’ve published throughout the entirety of 2020 and in recent years, and here are the links to our latest youth sports catalogs:

2020-21 Soccer Catalog

Soccer teams always require a relatively large amount of gear each season, including things like uniforms, warmups, fleeces, polos, and much more. We’ve gone above and beyond this season to make sure that all team orders are as easy as possible, and we’ve combined both men’s and women’s products within this comprehensive catalog that provides countless set deals and bulk order information that will help high school and club soccer teams be better prepared for the ensuing fall and spring seasons!

2020-21 Cross Country Catalog

We’re offering 72 really great set deals for our cross country teams, and even 12 uniforms starting at $16.98! There’s no doubt about it that Ares Sportswear is Central Ohio’s go-to custom apparel option for cross country teams, and that’s partly because we offer everything that runners will need going into their next season!

This includes 51 different sportie hoodie options, great set deals on warmup jackets and pants, practice shirts and shorts, spiritwear tees and long sleeves, ¼ zips and pullovers, and polo shirts for every large team for both men and women!

2020-21 Field Hockey Catalog

Field hockey truly is continuing to grow in popularity throughout all of Ohio and beyond, and our latest field hockey catalog will help any school or club team be fully prepared for the next season with uniform deals as low as $33.98!

But of course field hockey players also require a good warmup set and practice shirts, and our warmup sets come in as low as $29.99! So no matter how big or small your field hockey team is we’ll be sure to have everything you need.

Girls Volleyball 2020-21

With warmup sets starting $29.99, Ares Sportswear is your go-to source for all girls volleyball custom apparel. Our latest 2020-21 catalog is packed with unbeatable set deals and the latest trends throughout the sport!

Our custom sublimation offers are some of the best throughout the entire industry, and of course our volleyball products don’t just stop at uniforms. We’re offering countless spiritwear options to help make all volleyball teams ready to rock their school colors outside of practice!

2020-21 Football Catalog

High school football teams of course have to replace their jerseys on a regular basis simply due to a ton of wear and tear, and this year we’re offering a whole array of incredible deals on football jerseys and warmups.

Every football team needs a set of sportie hoodies, and now you can buy these types of hoodies for incredible rates starting at just $17.99! We’re also providing a great inventory of scrimmage and practice jerseys that will surely come in handy this fall as teams ramp up their daily activities!

2020-21 Band Catalog

High school bands will always require new warmups and jerseys each season due to kids getting bigger and new musicians earning their spot! We know how important it is for band’s to look and feel great while honing in on their sound, so we’re offering an assortment of set deals on tees and shorts for practice as well as state-of-the-art band jersey and warmup selections.

We’re also providing long sleeves, tank tops, polos, pullovers and ¼ zips that will help bands look great as the temperature start to drop in a couple of months!

2020-21 Spiritwear Catalog

Our spiritwear catalog fits in with all sports and clubs, and we’re more than confident that we’ll have exactly what your team or students need to rep your colors this fall! We’ve made it easier than ever to order bundle deals that include spiritwear and other great accessories like backpacks, and always feel free to reach out to our team for more information about our ever-growing supply of spiritwear items!

2020-21 Elementary Spiritwear Catalog

This catalog is very similar to our other spiritwear catalog, but this one is oriented towards younger students and athletes who need spiritwear just as much as the big kids! We’re offering a ton of great deals for the young kids, too!

Our other 2020 catalog options from earlier this year include the following:

Reach Out To The Ares Sportswear Team For More Information About Our Latest 2020-21 Catalogs!

We totally understand how there’s a lot to unpack by going through any of these catalogs as you’re preparing for your next season, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 today to speak with one of our experts on coordinating and perfecting your team order!

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