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5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Ordering Promotional Custom Apparel!

We’re always helping our clients when it comes to avoiding mistakes with their orders, and on this page the custom apparel experts at ARES Sportswear are revealing 5 of the most common mistakes you should avoid!

custom apparel helps businesses when it comes to promotional marketing campaigns

Every business’ marketing campaign has to go so much further than merely placing a logo within a few custom apparel items that you hope will promote your brand, and then simply calling it a day after that!

All of the most successful companies will very intricately research their target audiences in order to better understand what they look for within a brand, and this then directly leads to the types of promotional apparel they’d appreciate and enjoy wearing. All of us at ARES Sportswear have had many years of experience when it comes to supplying promotional products to businesses of all types, and throughout our years we’ve come to know how each of our clients can make the very most of these marketing investments.

We’ve also come to realize many different mistakes throughout our company experience that our clients should always avoid, so here are 5 of the most common mistakes that you shouldn’t do when organizing a custom apparel campaign:

Mistake #1: Not Adequately Researching Your Target Audience

It’s simply not true that everyone loves free stuff, and this also pertains to promotional custom apparel for your business. Even though it’s true that a lot of people will be rather quick to accept free apparel, you should always be wary that these free giveaways could potentially be thrown out later on.

This is exactly why your business team needs to do a thorough analysis of your target audience prior to ordering promotional custom apparel, because when you understand your target audience on a more intricate level you’ll be also able to understand what they value and would enjoy wearing.

We offer a whole variety of custom apparel options, so it’ll always be important for you and your team to understand your options before finalizing an order. From t-shirts, headwear, polo shirts, long sleeve tees, face masks, sweatshirts/hoodies, ¼ zips and so much more, ARES truly has every type of custom apparel you could think of.

There’s no denying that our vast inventory provides a lot of options and freedom for all our clients, so it’s always most important to keep your target audience in mind while developing your custom apparel strategy!

Mistake #2: Giving Away Free/Cheap Custom Apparel That Your Target Audience Doesn’t Like Or Has No Use For

Custom apparel from a promotional standpoint loses its overall value when people forget about it and keep it in their closets, and what would be the point of developing a custom apparel promotional strategy if your target audience simply doesn’t like wearing the items?

The ARES team is here to make sure that this never happens to your company’s custom apparel, and we’ll do this by helping you choose apparel items that will be useful and stylish for your target audience. For example custom hoodies are a common apparel choice that people enjoy wearing in the fall and winter months in particular, and our sportie hoodie provides an unbeatable combination of both comfort and style that can easily accommodate your company logo/messages!

Mistake #3: Paying Little Attention To Quality

Giving away or even selling rather cheap custom apparel as promotional products doesn’t always provide a good impression for potential leads and your business’ clients. When it comes to custom apparel, it always is best to make a very good first impression even for smaller groups as opposed to a bad impression on larger ones!

It will always go a long way for your business when your spend a little bit more on the overall quality of your custom apparel items, because this also coincides with the overall interests of your target audience!

Mistake #4: Not Having Varying Logo Options

We’ll always recommend each brand to develop a unique style guide prior to embarking on any large-scale marketing campaigns, and this style guide will become a brand’s reference point for developing the consistency of logos, colors and all sorts of branding factors.

It’s also important to note that certain apparel choices will necessitate unique changes for the overall appearance of your logo, like being either horizontal, vertical or any type of shortened version. ARES’ graphic designers are some of the best in the entire custom apparel industry, and our team will be able to help you when it comes to developing different variations of your logo so that it can be utilized for a wider variety of custom apparel options.

So with the help of our experts you’ll be more rest assured that your logo looks professional on all of your custom apparel!

Mistake #5: Inserting Too Many Details

One common mistake that business leaders sometimes make is trying to do a bit too much with their custom apparel, like including a logo, address, phone number, tagline and team photo all onto one t-shirt.

Putting too many details on any custom apparel can obviously be detrimental to the overall aesthetics of the promotional clothing, so what you’re going to need to do is simply prioritize the specific details that are most important to you and your target audience.

Our graphic design team will always be there for you throughout the customization process when it comes to helping you understand and visualize how much design space you have to work with according to each apparel piece’s aesthetic parameters!

Reach Out To The Experts At ARES Sportswear For More Information About Ordering Custom Apparel For Your Business!

Custom apparel like embroidered polo shirts are a great way to boost your professional team’s morale, and all custom apparel does wonders when it comes to boosting a company’s overall brand awareness.

Promotional custom apparel is always an effective marketing strategy, but it really does take the assistance of industry experts to make sure you’re getting the very best returns on these types of investments.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call our team today at 800-439-8614 to get in touch with our specialists and learn more about how we can support your business’ promotional custom apparel campaign!

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